NB-IoT Officially Put into Commercial Use


On September 22, China Telecom Tianjin Company held the NB-IoT, a new generation Internet of Things for China Telecom, at an official commercial conference in Tianjin. At the meeting, Tianjin Telecom, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and HDCHIP tripartite signed NB-IoT thermal industry application cooperation, marking the first commercial project in Tianjin NB-IoT landing, China Telecom, a new generation of Internet of Things NB- IoT officially opened the commercial curtain in Tianjin.

With the continuous expansion of urban central heating pipe network, urban central heating is facing more and more severe pressure of energy saving and emission reduction. In addition to the production process optimization and automated system construction and other conventional measures, the overall improvement of thermal network monitoring is the basis for the current level of pipe network. Thermal user monitoring is facing backward technology, high energy consumption, transmission deployment difficult, input Cost and many other issues. Combined with Tianjin Telecom’s NB-IoT Internet of Things technology, sensors, gateways and controller modules based on NB-IoT communication module are used to realize stable data transmission and interaction functions covering all nodes in the heat network. Can greatly promote the future development of intelligent heating, the estimated average annual energy consumption can be reduced by more than 1%, saving tens of millions of costs.

Thanks to the joint efforts and promotion of the telecom, Huawei and HDCHIP, the local laboratory testing, Huawei OpenLab technology certification, end-to-end business continuity and actual site deployment have fully proved the feasibility of the NB-IoT thermal industry Based on this, the first batch of 500 NB-IoT monitoring terminal deployments were launched in Guosuyuan, Haiergreen Township, Jinnan District, Tianjin, for the hot zone monitoring in the villa area and officially opened the first NB-IoT commercial application in Tianjin.